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Movie Makers Awards 2017

Merit Prize    •    mm2 Award

李駿碩  Jun Li






《Liu Yang He》

Jun Li, Yeung Leung-cheun,

Chuk Tsz-yin

Tsang Hing-weng Eric

Joy Liu

Rain Lau, Ko Hon-man

Liu Yang He, a landmark in Hunan province, is not only the film’s original title but also a well-known Communist folk song in China. It was written during the Agrarian Reform that precedes the Cultural Revolution. Youngsters were sent to farmlands and factories to experience intense labor. They sang to praise Chairman Mao. Kah-kah (Rain Lau) was permanently injured in an industrial accident during that time. When Kah-kah meets this amputated client (Ko Hon-man), they feel sympathy with each other and turn this sympathy into a possibility of love as if they were flowing into a river of no return.

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