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Movie Makers Awards 2020

Merit Prize

祝紫嫣  CHUK Tsz-yin






《The Dropout Of Her》

Chuk Tsz-yin

Ho Yuk-fai

Leung Yat-nga

Yoyo Tse Wing-yan, Lo Chun-yip, Kitty Yu Tsz-wing

"......that with devotion's visage / And pious action we do sugar o'er / The devil himself." (Hamlet)

Kwan believes that she is unique. Enclosed in solitude within her own literary world and deprived of affections from her family, she longs for love in whatever form it takes - no matter how distorted. She considers the detention class with Mr Cheung a shelter from the world, until it is shattered together with all her hopes. She finally comes to the realisation that it is the world that goes against her. There is no hiding place for her no matter how hard she struggles……

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