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mm2 Hong Kong is a film production and distribution company. As a producer, we provide services that cover the entire filmmaking process, including securing financing, producing and distributing as well as securing advertising and sponsorship. At the same time, our team also committed and actively acquiring films from overseas for Hong Kong audiences.

In recent years, mm2 Hong Kong has been dedicated to developing local talents through Movie Makers Awards (MMA). We launched the first MMA in 2017, aiming at providing a platform for young movie makers to showcase their talent by awarding the winner with a feature film director contract. The second MMA is held in 2020, we hope to keep nurturing new talents in the coming future.

The Hong Kong Film Awards in total 41 Nominations 

‘Time Still Turns the Pages’ 12 titles

‘Drifting’ 11 titles 

‘The Narrow Road’ 10 titles

‘One Second Champion’ 4 titles

‘Back Home’ 2 titles 

‘Vampire Cleanup Department’ 2 titles 

The Hong Kong Film Awards won in total 2 Awards

The 40th Hong Kong Film Awards,Best Original Film Song - One Second Champion

The 41st Hong Kong Film Awards,Best Original Film Score- The Narrow Road 

Golden Horse Awards in total 20 Nominations 

‘Drifting’ 12 titles 

‘Time Still Turns the Pages’ 5 titles

‘The Narrow Road’  3 titles

Golden Horse Awards won in total 4 Awards

The 60th Golden Horse Awards,Best New Director, ‘Time Still Turns the Pages’

The 60th Golden Horse Awards,Audience Choice Award - ‘Time Still Turns the Pages’

The 59th Golden Horse Awards,Best Original Film Score - ‘The Narrow Road’

The 58th Golden Horse Awards,Best Adapted Screenplay - ‘Drifting’

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