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Movie Makers Awards 2020

mm2 Award

周溥傑  Chau Po-kit






《The Dropout Of Her》

Chuk Tsz-yin

Sing Lau

NG Ka-leung

Wong Lai-ki, Cheung Yik-tung, Yu Chun-hei, Lo Man-wah

Life after university may be just dandy for people with passion and drive, but what happens if you are aimless, dreamless and hopeless?With no goals or ambition in life, a fresh graduate believes that she is an oddball destined for mediocrity. Her perfect solution is to be a slacker and to work part-time at a 12-dollar store. Unfortunately, the mundane life and wacky colleagues just add to her melancholy. The array of eccentric characters at the 12-dollar store speaks volumes on how the new generation perceives their less-than-rosy future.

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