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Ghost Net

Ghost Net


Hong Kong


“Crowed You Out”
Vivian moves into a new flat and decides to hold a housewarming party, but finds herself tangled in the affairs of her neighbour Emma and her abusive boyfriend. An hour before the party, eerie incidents begin …

“Double Body”
After a bad breakup, Scarlet gets a magic tattoo in hopes of changing her love fortune. But little does she know about the sinister forces behind the tattoos on her body…

“Horror Online”
Four university students livestream their ghost hunting trip online and uncover a pair of scorched corpses. A TV news producer tracks them down and broadcasts a controversial story. But this rouses the dead couples’ ghosts…


Kwok Yik Sum, Pau Hong Yi, Cheung Kin Sing, Chiang Cho Man, Hui Nga Ting, Bryant Mak, Carlos Chan, Kan Shuk Yi, Jumbo Tsang, Kimi Chiu, Tsui Ho Cheong


Wong Kwok Keung, Wong Kwok Fai, Patrick Yau


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