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Hell Bank Presents: Running Ghost


Hong Kong


After going through a hustling life, any idea what did you leave behind after death? Gui was a common folk who just muddled along his whole life without any goals, he died one day and even didn’t know what killed him. When he was waiting to be reincarnated in the hell, the waiting line was even longer than the one for public housing in the upper world. At the same time, Hell Bank is organizing a reality show called “Running Ghost”, by finishing three challenges, the winner can regain his life in the upper world. Gui joined the game and went back to the upper world, he met a mysterious girl Kei, who knew how to evocate spirits. They agreed to collaborate, with the help of Kei, they entered the final round, Gui finally found the value of his existence after his death. However, the mission of his final challenge “Scare to Death” was about…


WONG You Nam, Cecilia SO, Jerry LAMB, Zeno KOO, Ben YUEN


Mark LEE


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