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Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year




Tangyuan, Jiaozi, Mummy and Daddy are a happy and loving family. On the day before Chinese New Year, Tangyuan and Jaozi are ready to spend the holiday at Granny and Grandpa’s home. However, when run to the living room they found Mummy and Daddy are cleaning and cooking. It seems that Mummy and Daddy have forgot to tell them a little secret that Laolao and Laoye are coming from the south to celebrate Chinese New Year with them. In order to cheer up the children, Daddy tells a story about Peppa celebrating Children’s Festival with her parents. Granny and Grandpa miss the children, so they end their vacation in Sanya early and make their way to see the children. Upon arrival, Granny tells the story about unexpected events that Peppa has encountered on the second day of the Children’s Festival. Granny and Grandpa’s arrival lights up the family with their holiday spirit. They enlightened new year experience by practicing the Chinese traditions. They experience the Chinese traditions, encounter unexpected events. Just like Peppa and George, every experience teaches them to love life, families and one another.


Yawen Zhu, Yun Liu, Ah-Len Gua, Angela Wang, Yuhao Shan, Lantian Chang, Daguang Li, Qingzhuo Fang


Dapeng Zhang


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