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Show Me Your Love

Show Me Your Love


Hong Kong


Daren (starring Raymond Wong) was raised by his auntie while his mother Yau Ngan (starring Nina Baw) was out town for work. His childhood was lack of mother’s care and love. Thus, he became too independent. For 20 Years, he lost contact with Yau Ngan.
Daren came back to Malaysia because of his aunt’s funeral. At the funeral, he met Yau Ngan and found out she had got Sundown Syndrome. Her illness is so unstable that could barely recognize him sometimes. Daren intends to send her to elderly home for better care. At the same time, Yau Ngan has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. After considering, Daren decides staying with his mother for the last few months.
Occasionally, Daren finds a little paper of “10 Best Wishes to mummy” when he wrote to his mother at 10 years old. He then realizes how tough of her life without him around. He is so regretful! Now, he decides to achieve the items one by one together with her. He deeply discovers the unique love from his mother, as well as a clear vision of his life direction.


Nina Paw, Raymond Wong, Ivana Wong, Michelle Wai


Ryon Lee


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