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Take Me to the Moon




Wang Zheng Xiang reunites with the members of his high school band at the memorial of their lead singer, Li En Pei. The six of them were certain that En Pei would eventually become famous. But fate doesn’t play fair and En Pei’s dreams ended in tragedy. Zheng Xiang regrets having encouraged En Pei to pursue her dreams all those years ago. He wonders if En Pei would have died if he had stopped her from joining the pageant back then.
Drunk on his feet after the memorial, Zheng Xiang is miraculously transported back to the same summer, when their band is preparing to perform during graduation. With Zhang Yu Sheng’s Song, “My Future Is Not A Dream” playing on the background. Knowing that En Pei’s effort will come to naught, he’s struck by an urgent desire to stop En Pei from chasing her dreams.


Jasper Liu, Vivian Sung, Vera Yen, Chihtian Shih, Pipi Yao, Chuan Lee


Chun Yi Hsieh


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