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The Rope Curse




"The Rope Ritual…" is a traditional ritual passed down from thousands of years ago. Legend has it that after people committed suicide by hanging, a curse resides on the rope which grows more powerful and sinister overtime. Along the coastal areas of Taiwan, a ritual would be performed to burn the rope in order to alleviate the Rope Curse and hence called "The Rope Ritual". Jia-Wei works at TV station and makes side money for his wedding expenses through live broadcasting of bizarre events. With his good friend and working partner, A-Gwai, they have decided to livestream the entire process of the Rope Ritual to reach maximum viewers to earn extra money. Unknowingly, they found themselves to an unknown and unspeakable horror, which is further implicated by the involvement of his girlfriend, Shu-Yi. As the events unfold and becomes more dangerous, Jia-Wei seeks the help of a Taoist Master to protect himself and his love. But what he uncovers instead is Shu-Yi’s long buried secret from a decade ago. Can Jia-Wei unravel what is truly Shu-Yi’s secret, and hold back evil unleashed by "The Rope Curse"?


Hsia Yu Chiao, Jason Tsou, Fox Lee, Chen Bor Jeng, Sun Ke Fang


Liao Shih Han


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