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Vampire Cleanup Department

Vampire Cleanup Department


Hong Kong


Vampire has been haunting in Hong Kong for centuries. Hiding in this city, there is an official special action unit coping with the vampire Vampire Cleanup Department (VCD).
The street cleaners in midnight are the vampire hunters. Giant garbage bins contain the captured vampire. The ordinary garbage station is their secret headquarter!
A nerdy geek Tim Cheung (BabyJohn Choi) is accidentally rescued by VCD. The department advisor Uncle Chung (Ng Yiu-Hon) discovers his immunity against the vampire toxin.
Owing to his unlimited potential, Team Captain Chau (Chin Siu-Ho), Magic Maoshantaoist Ginger (Yuen Cheung-Yan), technical support specialist M (Bondy Chiu), weapon expert Kui (Law Mon) teach him all their knowledge and skills, in order to turn him into the next Vampire Hunter!
However, in an action, Tim feels sympathy for a pretty lady vampire called Summer, he violates the command and lives with her, which trigger the attack from the Vampire King….


BabyJohn Choi, Min Chen, Chin Siu-Ho, Shaw Yam-Yam, Ng Yiu Hon, Law Mang, Bondy Chiu, Yuen Cheung Yan


Anthony Yan, Hang Chiu


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